renegade x sarupbuhay

You do not want to miss this event, this will be the largest meet in the Austin area this summer. pass the word along and make sure to save the date.

Renegade X Sarupbuhay summer meet
— Saturday June 8th 2013
— 8:45pm – 11:15pm
— at Pho Thasion
9500 North Interstate 35 Frontage Road, Austin, TX 78748

— Loyal KNG
— Lead Industries
— Natsukashi Garage
— Squirrel Squad
— Grip Royal

DJ MIK ONE out of Houston will be playing music for your ear holes.

King Ptolemy of Austin will be debuting his second album demo

Kawaii Lani will also be making an appearance

CCM13 Part 2

To our readers I need to apologize. I know myself have been extremely busy with many things in life. To inform you all I just recently purchased a 2012 Honda CBR250r to commute to school and work. In addition I’ve been spending lots of time at work and school and yes….. playing Diablo 3. For neglecting you all I sincerely apologize and am making¬† a promise today to create more frequent updates!

But back to the cool stuff. I finally am ready to show you all the second installment to our CCM13 OKC adventure!

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After much anticipation, I present CCM13 part 1

Sorry for the long wait guys and gals, I had a final I was studying for on top of being busy with all of the end of the semester things. So here it is. I want to break this up into at least a two part ordeal since we have TONS of photos. My apologies for things not being edited, but I don’t want to make you all wait anymore. If you use/take any of these photos please tag us, and give us credit! Thanks!!

So for the journey we all decided to meet up at my place in Round Rock the Friday before. To my surprise Thaison had gotten in the stickers which we thought weren’t going to make it in time. Since they did we slapped them on before rolling out. This was my favorite picture which just happened to be on Cody’s sweet wagon. Don’t you just love the sparkles?

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