salted, unsalted, or honey roasted?

I like my peanuts honey roasted.  At least, whenever I’m eating them alone.  We use salted peanuts a lot in Vietnamese cuisine.  It adds a little extra crunch and a slight toasty-ness to meals.  Growing up, sometimes I would just eat rice with crushed peanuts.  nom nom nom.

And in case you are wondering, no this post isn’t really about eating peanuts/peanuts in food… haha

So the “slang” or nickname for the second generation corollas are “mango” and “peanut.”

The mangos are supposedly the sportier ones also known as chassis code te27:

mango (te27)

The peanuts are the “sedans” or family cars also known as chassis code te21:


To this day, I still don’t see the resemblance to a peanut, buttttt… meh, it is what it is.

I’m getting deeper into the 5spd conversion for my peanut.  I called BRD Racing to talk to them about lightening my flywheel and making a custom clutch for me.  They said the product they offer is good for up to 500 hp.  YES, 500 HP.  Did you know you can crank out this kind of power from the single cam 3tc engines?  (if you don’t know, the 3tc is the big brother to the 2tc, the engine I have in my peanut)

Here’s a taste of some 3tc power in this 86:

I’m hoping to get my flywheel shipped up to BRD Racing on monday and then waiting for the pieces to fall together.  I still need to pick up a clutch master, clutch slave, make a hardline, order a soft line, and make sure all the crossmembers fit.  Then…custom driveshaft etc etc.

Gotta lotta work ahead of me!

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