Hatch Progress

Well it is time to take the motor out of my hatchback. Over the years I had gone through many motors (5 to be exact). This time, I plan to do things right. I’m not sure exactly what I’m set on, even though my heart has always been with the b16b out of the ever famous Civic type R. These days people have moved on to bigger and better things such as K swaps and even J swaps these days. Yes these motors may be bigger and fancier, but I will always have a soft spot for anything from the 1990’s through the 2000’s. Enough Babble, lets show some pics!


Here she is on the last day with a running motor. I can’t wait to turn this car into the car of my dreams.



No shame in my single cams. For the kind of driving I love to do these little motors have been more then enough to make me happy. Yes my car is still complete with air conditioning.


Cody and the Big Biss powering up before an afternoon of easy work. Yes my bumper really is drawn on with paint pens. It’s been that way since high school way back when. That’s the thing I love about this car, I build it for me and do things that I think are fun. Rather then paying for new paint that is likely to get destroyed I decided to do this instead and let people leave a little memory on my car. Love it or hate it it’s the fun that matters. I guess this is why I’ve always had tons of respect for the drift community in that their main priority when it comes to their car is driving it, which is how it should be.


Cody and Biss have trouble tackling the evil coolant hoses. Of course, I had to step in and handle it, but for the most part it’s fun to watch Cody with his boneitis struggling with things like this (Especially since he has it easy over there at Acura). Note to self: Don’t allow oil to leak all over your hoses for years, they swell up and can explode!!!!!!!!


Luckily fr you guys, I dress to impress when working on my car (Crocs, BBall shorts, and cut sleeve t-shirt)


When you don’t have jack stands that are low enough for your needs, you result in using bricks (Which is exactly what my car is sitting on right now)


No engine hoists needed, just drop it out the bottom. This is what we like to call good old Texas ingenuity.


Apparently Texas Ingenuity runs into problems sometimes, this one being the car wasn’t high enough


After much tugging and pulling on the rug we were finally able to get it out.


It seems as though some things never change. I love my life

Now my car sits in the garage on bricks, no really bricks, without a motor and wheels. I’m not sure when I will be back at it again with this car, but it’s only a matter of time. When Jeanie sees the streets again she will be better then ever. After all that’s what life is always about right? Progression is key.



Stay updated Natsukashiers!

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