megasquirt tuning

So, those of you who’ve seen my car recently, know that I’ve recently switched to an aftermarket ECU.  DIYPNP Megasquirt to be exact.  I was scared as heck putting it together (because it was my first time soldering anything for reals) but it all worked out.  I took my time and double/triple checked everything I was doing.  The DIYAutotune guys have a LOT of written information out there to get me through it.

Anyways, this whole time, I’ve been running off my buddy’s maps — since he’s got a different engine and stuff, I’ve been running PIG rich.  Like AFR of 10-12 rich.  So this is what I’m starting to get into right now:


I’ve been reading online and watching youtube videos on how to tune and adjust your VE (volumetric efficiency) tables.  It looks like a giant jumble of numbers to me right now… but I’m still learning!

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