poop brown peanut


What you see above is my poop brown peanut after it’s first oil, spark plug, spark plug wires, and fuel filter change in like 5 years. I want to thank my girlfriend, at the time, Leah for putting up with me and supporting me on my crazy endeavors. We left Austin at midnight on the first day of Spring Break, 2010 because I was too excited to wait until 5am to leave…and drove all the way up to Oklahoma City. I drove first, then she drove, and before I knew it, we were in Oklahoma City, picking up a beautiful car. On the way back, we ran into some unforseen complications. After a couple hours in the ER, calling her parents, and a surgery, Leah was in recovery. Needless to say, her and this car have a history.

And from that day on, the “peanut,” as I call it, has made countless more stories. Long road trips with fluid leaks (coolant, oil, and GAS…yes gas) to mention a couple…
As of right now, it sits on jackstands in my driveway, waiting for me to replace the worn 2spd auto transmission with a T-50 manual transmission from the ae86.
After a year and I half, this is how she looks now:

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