AE71 Update

So one car i’ve been keeping kind of on the DL over the last few years is my 1983 Toyota Corolla. I purchased it a few years ago and drove it only for a few months until I overheated and seized the motor.

This is how it sat May 20, 2011.


I’d seen a handful of the *e7 corollas out there pop up on the 86 forums, but never really looked in depth at them. I was so confused. Was it a te72? A ke70? An ae71? From my research i learned that the letter before the e7_ corresponded with the engine. So te72 had a 2tc. A ke70 had a 3kc motor. And the ae71’s came woth 4ac motors.

The great thing I learned about ae71’s was that they are essentially 4 door sr5 ae86’s. The whole e7 generation corolla family have a lot of similarities to ae86’s, but the 83 model ae71’s were most similar. Since they came with 4ac’s it would be really easy to do a gts swap and fit a 4age in. So i started looking at other peoples builds and came across a few I really liked.

The guys i really looked at in the e7 world for inspiration are:

Grant Scott



ae86 hatch update — super duper long awaited

Soooo… I think the last update I had on my hatch was almost a year ago. When I was pulling out the 16v and dropping in my 20v. The last post featuring the hatch was 8/6 day of last year, 8 months ago. Over the last 8 months this is, in short, the progress of the hatch:

-broke down
-20v didn’t run properly
-pulled motor
-stripped interior
-swapped levin front end from coupe to hatch
-fiberglass doors
-mounted shine auto trd style wing
-new sideskirts
-custom DIY purple plastidip
-f20c swap

I’ll pick up from where I left off from the story of the coupe:

As soon as I got the coupe up and running with the 20v, I began to focus on reviving the hatch. Which at the moment, had no front suspension and I mean NOTHING.

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renegade x sarupbuhay

You do not want to miss this event, this will be the largest meet in the Austin area this summer. pass the word along and make sure to save the date.

Renegade X Sarupbuhay summer meet
— Saturday June 8th 2013
— 8:45pm – 11:15pm
— at Pho Thasion
9500 North Interstate 35 Frontage Road, Austin, TX 78748

— Loyal KNG
— Lead Industries
— Natsukashi Garage
— Squirrel Squad
— Grip Royal

DJ MIK ONE out of Houston will be playing music for your ear holes.

King Ptolemy of Austin will be debuting his second album demo

Kawaii Lani will also be making an appearance

Coupe Update pt. 2 — OBSESSION

Dec. 20, 2012
So after the coupe was painted, I decided it was about time to get the car looking like a whole car again. Most people around town knew me as the guy with all the 86’s (which happen to always be missing a body panel). So I decided to piece the coupe together to be as close to 100% appealing to the eye as possible. So first thing first, was to get the rear over fenders to fit the 15×9 -41 rear work equips.

Just look at that rear fitment... NOT CUTE

Just look at that… NOT CUTE

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Long awaited update — ae86 coupe

Man, I’ve been terrible about updating my builds. Over the last three months…a LOT has changed on my corolla(s). Branden did a quick profile on me back at the end of 2012. You can check it out here. At that time, I had just freshly prepped and painted my coupe. Being my first time using an HVLP gun and single stage paint, I think it turned out pretty good!

Here’s a before shot of the car:

Nov. 8, 2012:
First thing first, I started sanding down the spray paint on the car to get to the original paint. Once I got to that, I scuffed up the original paint real nice for the primer to stick. And started primering with Rustoleum spray paint. (in the future, I would buy actual automotive primer from Sherwinn-Williams bc, I don’t think my single stage paint stuck to the car as well with rustoleum).

All taped up, ready for primer

All taped up, ready for primer

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CCM 15

It’s that time of year again. Another CCM down. This time a few of the boys and I drove/rode to Houston to gather for CCM 15. The cool part this time was that we got to stay with big brother Vinson in his Houston diggs for the weekend. We tried to keep it nice and clean…. besides breaking his garage door and having Joseph pass out within the first few minutes. My non consumption of alcohol led me to be the first one to fall asleep and luckily not be held responsible for these travesties .   This weekend marked my first big trip on my motorcycle (900+ miles in 3 days total) and I found out a lot of things about motorcycle riding including the frequent need for rest stops. On one of these such rest stops we even met a guy on the outskirts of Houston who turned out to be quite the character. After first rolling up in his 5.0 soft top he made Thaison and I stay there so he could go home and get his older Celica. We didn’t think much of it until he returned in a purple older gen celica (Thaison help me out here) which was completely gutted and swapped with a 4runner motor. Needless to say the car looked like a lot of fun, and the owner had tons of fun doing the only thing you’re required to do in rural America…. burnouts. Shortly, we made it down and stopped at Mai’s restaurant in down town Houston. Little did we know the place was all kinds of fancy and we were all under dressed ( me in a motorcycle jacket and Thaison’s ripped shorts didn’t help our case). The food however was great and we sure did eat it all. We left there and made it to Vinson’s house to get ready for the next day.
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peanut is alive and kickin!

So, sometime towards the end of last year, I parked the peanut and put it on jack stands and removed the front brakes (because they were the 86’s brakes).  The torque converter was going out (yes, it’s an automatic).  I could only use 1st gear out of the 2 gears this transmission has.

after one hour of ownership

You may be asking, “Thaison, your peanut has a 2 speed automatic????”  Yes…oldschool technology.  I’m pretty sure this car was marketed to be sold to people driving around in the city.  But regardless, the gears are super long.  1st gear can take me almost to 50 mph!  haha, I have no idea what RPM’s it’s running at though — there’s only a speedometer.  I parked it because, I was working out in Lakeway, so that was about a 30 minute drive through the hill country.  Sooo….needless to say, the peanut couldn’t get enough speed for the hills because the gears were slipping.  So it sat in the driveway.

lowered the car and the wheels were too wide -- open wheel it is!

As of recently, I’ve been getting the itch to drive it again.  I just get this feeling when I’m driving it that I don’t get with my other cars.  The chasis is super light (curb weight of 1,600 lbs).  It’s got a peppy little 2tc engine in it.  The 40-year old seats are SUPER broken in.  I added some asian-style “comfort beads” which are quite comfortable.  It wreaks of gasoline.  AND it sounds like a cammed big block.

made the trip all the way to houston for the nostalgic meet -- toyota reliability right there!

My little brother helped me bleed the brakes last night and after hooking up the car to be jumped and priming the ISH out of the carb, it started right up.  So today, I threw some wheels on it and drove it to work — I work closer to home now, so I don’t have to worry about too many hills.

MAN, did it feel good to be riding around in the peanut.  The brakes are still a little spongy, so I’m going to have to look into that again.  But other than that, it was amazing.  I’ve removed all the seats, so there’s only the driver now.  Half of the car, I’ve removed sound deadening.  So boy, it’s even lighter.

So now, I’ve sourced almost all the parts, I’m going to start the 5-spd conversion.  Using a T-50 from an ae86, a T-40 bell housing to match the 2tc block, ae86 clutch slave, custom drive shaft, and maybe a spec racing clutch.  And maybe a stock clutch master cylinder?  I read on speedhunters, where a guy used a wrx one — which leads me to think that maybe the te21, stock ones are hard to come by?  Who knows…. more research for now and updates to come soon!

poop brown peanut


What you see above is my poop brown peanut after it’s first oil, spark plug, spark plug wires, and fuel filter change in like 5 years. I want to thank my girlfriend, at the time, Leah for putting up with me and supporting me on my crazy endeavors. We left Austin at midnight on the first day of Spring Break, 2010 because I was too excited to wait until 5am to leave…and drove all the way up to Oklahoma City. I drove first, then she drove, and before I knew it, we were in Oklahoma City, picking up a beautiful car. On the way back, we ran into some unforseen complications. Continue reading