Hill Country Camping

In August, I had couple weeks off for my birthday and I wanted to go to the West Coast to camp, but unfortunately things didn’t go as planned and had to stay in Texas.


That didn’t deter me from camping, in Texas a majority of land are privately owned. You have to pay for campsites including dispersed camping. The price varies on amenities, and how remote you want to be. Just be nice, and make sure to pack up after yourself.



For the camp spots we hit, we made sure to be near the Llano river. The August summer heat makes you want to stay cool.


The cool river was definitely refreshing and relaxing.


We didn’t bring our dogs this trip just because how hot it got. I know with Lambo, he wouldn’t like sleeping in 90F nights.


This was a good time to do some testing of our dual zone refrigerator and solar set up. Im happy we did the upgrade, and I don’t think my wife and I can back to coolers. We can have ice cream in the summer and not worry about getting soggy wet.


I had great time camping and seeing the Texas hill country. Thankful I live in Texas.


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