Project AE86: 2nd Heart form North Carolina

My last post, I went to North Carolina to pick up a 4age motor that I could plop in while the other spare motor is in the machine shop.


On my days off, and after work I started to swap parts from the blown motor to the motor I picked up. I worked on the motor little bits at a time. The Texas heat is starting to really get hot and didn’t want to get dehydrated.


I’m more mechanically inclined now then when I first started this project 3 years ago. I learned form past mistakes and working on getting my motor in the AE86 wasn’t too hard the 2nd time around.


Thankfully no hiccups and everything went in smoothly. I plugged the engine harness connections and I called it day. Next on the list is to bolt in the exhaust system, then add oil. Hopefully Ill be able to crank her up.


If she runs, then thats one big step close to making my race in July. Stay tuned for more updates!

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