Project AE86: Fitment


Got my Advan A050 tires mounted on the spare track rims. The fitment is more aggressive then my TE37. On the initial test-drive, my car was rubbing very bad where I can see smoke coming off the tires. I gingerly drove it back home and went to work.


I rolled and pulled the fenders that my friend let me borrow. I used the Power By Max fender roller because that is the only roller that is low car friendly. I initially bought an Amazon fender roller originally, but from trial and error, it was just too big to fit under the fender.


After rolling and pulling the fenders, another quick test drive showed I was still rubbing. The next option is to raise the car! I’ve adjusted the suspension multiple times and figured how to adjust the preload right. You can see it in this video:

Then finally another test drive. No more issues! My spare track wheels all dialed and no more rubbing. Just in time for the next race! Ill be at NASA Eagle Canyon, and hopefully to see yall there!


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