Project AE86: New Grip

For over 1 year I’ve been tracking on Nitto NT01 very heavy. The NT01 has 80 plus heat cycles, with 15 track weekends of abuse. It’s a very durable, and fairly consistent grippy tire. I am surprised I haven’t corded the NT01 yet, but its getting close to end of it’s life.


I looked around for slicks and semi slick tires in 14″ sizes. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of options. After endless nights of seaching I decided to go with the Advan A050 medium compound tire. I choose this tire because for the price point, its the cheapest tire available for semi slicks. They are bit smaller at 185/60/14 compared to the 205/55/14 NT01. But I since the Advan is a semi slick tire, I think it will still provide more grip then the wider NT01s. Next race is at Eagles Canyon Raceway in Decatur, Tx. Will post a review after my race, stay tuned.

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