Rookie Driver for 2021

Having recently attained my NASA competition license, this allows me to join in some wheel to wheel action. This is a lot different then DE or TT. DE sessions are for fun, no competion, and passing with point bys. TT is competition but you are racing against the time. Wheel to wheel, you competing with other drivers in your class for position.


Driving lines are different compared to TT. In TT you take the fastest line to get the fastest time, and cars are spaced out according to time, and you might not pass a car. In wheel to wheel, you change lines consistently during battle with another car in your class. Its all about not giving a passing advantage to the competitor or vise versa where you have to find a line to pass a competitor. While being being able to control your car at speed with other drivers next to you.


In the classing, the cars are evenly matched especially in the spec classes. The super touring class, there is some leeway, and you have different types of cars in super touring. But for the most part, its really based on driver skill.


I signed up for NASA season opener to start out the 2021 tracking season. This is my first time doing wheel to wheel in my AE86 and also getting my 86 inspected for wheel to wheel. I recently added door bars to my 6pt autopower roll cage to make it compliant with NASA tech. The people that inspect your car for NASA racing, makes sure the car is safe to go racing, and I am glad I went with autopower for a cage. Its not the best fitting cage for my size, but on a budget it works just fine. The guys are NASA that techs your car are supper strict and follow the rule book to the tee. They will not let you race if they find an safety issue with your car, until you fix it. I’m glad they are strict, because at least you know your car is safe to race once it passes tech.


Doing this wheel to wheel event has showed me that I still have a lot to work on as a driver, and grow more with the 86. The car definitely has room to modify and be more competitive in its class; like lose 200 lbs and run stickier tires. But right now, Im going to keep on racing mostly the way it is. I’ll just fiddle with suspension dampening, and tire pressures. I want to grow more as a driver, then when its time, I’ll start to mod the car to be competitive in its class.


I wil be posting some of the racing footage, on youtube. Keep an eye out. Thanks for reading!

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