City Escape


My wife and I took a day trip, escaping the city life. We just wanted to explore, and look for new spots to chill in the future.


Houston isn’t an area known for outdoor parks but we do have a couple. We went to Sam Houston National Forest, and about 1hr drive from Houston. Close enough to the bayou but you are surrounded by dense trees.


We had a little picnic by Lake Conroe and wasn’t too humid, in May. Besides us, I only saw a couple people exploring, probably because the corona virus is still going on. Traveling is limited. But with that in mind, getting help might get difficult.


Which happened to us exploring a forest loop road. It rained the night before, and some trails was boggier then others. I was stuck for good. Thankfully, I had my winch and able to self recover out.


It was a good test, but next time, I think it would be a better idea to have another buddy. I do see the importance of a winch and should be one of the first mods when getting into wheeling or exploring off road trails.


If we didn’t have that which, we might be stuck in the trail a lot longer till someone arrived. Once we winched ourselves out, we called it a day and heading back into the city. That was enough exploring of one day.

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