Driven and Blessed Track Day


Last month, I had my 2nd track day testing the 86 hopefully worked out the kinks. The previous test and tune track time showed I had blow by issue and sprayed oil all over my engine. I added a oil catch can prior to this event and putting it to the test.


Well turns out, my oil catch overfilled after a couple laps and sprayed oil all over my engine bay. Not sure what is causing it, but my motor runs and sounds healthy. I only get this issue at the track. I’m thinking the constant high rpms and higher speeds in the corners is causing this issue. I have to look deeper, but I hope its nothing too serious.

One a good note, she does handle very well and feels good. The 4.77 gear ratio for the rear end is well suited in the back rhythm section. Feels like a short gear transmission. No more whine!! One post test mod that worked.

Stay tuned.

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