Project AE86: Running Smooth

For the past month, I have been ocassionally driving the 86 on the base tune. Haven’t driven too far, only putting about 10 miles in each drive. Currently I have a small oil leak on the welds of the oil pan, and on my oil pressure sender. Not really a big deal, more happy she runs.


I did another oil change after 35 miles of driving and thankfully no metal particles. Oil still looked pretty clean. One of the perks having a AE86 is the maintenance items are a lot cheaper compared to my former M3.


I pulled the plugs to make everything is looking good, and all the cylinders seem to running good. Not too rich or not too lean. The only issue I have with the motor running, is the idling a bit high at 2100 rpm. Not sure how to fix it, but I think the ITBs needs to synced up.


After comfortably driving around, and having enough confidence the motor won’t blow up. I went ahead and tidy up the interior wiring. I made a wire harness for the RPM gauge, and reinstalled my stock cluster. The only thing that works in the cluster is the speedometer, and everything else isn’t connected because it is all controlled by the ecu.


I redid my fuse/rely panel set up to something I can easily access and wire up. For the future, if want to add extra gauges or sensors.


Next on the list is getting a more refined tune then the base map, and hopefully hit the tracks for the 2020 season!


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