Ozark Road Trip: The End


The next morning, was another beautiful sunrise. Today we head back home to Texas.


I really like how the Land Cruiser looks after a road/camping trip. Toyota produced the Land Cruiser for a purpose and its a waste for it not be used.


Looking back on this trip will always have great memories like all trips. Yeah there are times you’ll run into problems but you don’t let it ruin your experience.


We packed up, aired up our tires, and said good byes to our friends. I didn’t take a lot of pictures in the trip but I will have memories of these experiences.


9 hours later we made it back to Texas and got ready for the work week. Much needed mini vacation to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Everyone needs to just get away and reset. We can’t always constantly workin and not enjoy the things life has to offer.

Special thanks to Ryan and Allan for letting me use their photos!


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