Project AE86: Engine Woes

I pulled out my old 16v 4age, and was my first time doing so. I was nervous, but thankfully being a track car, there wasnt alot to disconnect or unbolt. The tuner that made my engine harness (R.N.R. Autosport) had all the wires labeled, and that helped a lot.

Untitled Untitled


Rust in the coolant lines. That isn’t a good thing, but I was told you can still run the car just fine with it. Kind of a bummer though.



Pulled out the motor in less then an hour!!! My neighbors didn’t even notice.


Next before I start to swap the the parts out, I had to do a compression test. Learned my lesson from the other motor. Even though it ran, it doesn’t mean the motor was healthy.


We proceeded to to separate the the transmission from the motor and mate it to the newly acquired large port 16v 4AGE. The reason why we did that is because you have to crank the motor with the starter to do an accurate compression test. Just hand cranking the motor for the compression test wont be accurate, and you can’t use an impact gun on the crankshaft because you will risk breaking something.


All you need to crank a motor when its outside of the car is a starter, something to mount the starter to, and the flywheel.


The clutch is in good shape.


The transmission looks like I need to replace the seals. Old cars, simple to work on but if they haven’t been maintained well, they require lots of hour and money to get back to it former glory.


We swapped over the transmission and proceeded to do the compression test!! If you not so sure how to do this, here is a video that helped me:

We did the compression test and wasn’t that great. We did add a tiny bit of oil did help with the compression, but that means the piston rings are probably worn. If I put this motor in the current condition, their might be a possibility that the motor will burn oil and smoke. Now Im just thinking, no what 4age motor I put in here they all need a rebuild since they are getting old.


Well that leads me to other issue, how do I rebuild a motor? More on the next post.


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