Start of and Epic Road Trip Part 6: La Selva Beach and Santa Cruz

Man, it’s been a while since our road trip (April 2018 – May 2018), and I am still posting about my trip. I’ve been busy with work, in laws visiting, and of course working on the AE86. This road trip has been one of the best, and lots filled with lots of memories.


It’s our 3rd day staying at Death Valley, and was time to head to head up to Nor Cal for beaches and cooler weather. Not much off road trails planned for this portion of the trip. My wife and I hasn’t visited Nor Cal, and figured it would be the perfect time to.


We packed up early and left Death Valley, next time I’ll make sure to spend more time to explore more trials and stop by Alabama Hills too.


We didn’t take a lot of pictures driving to Nor Cal, just soaking up the scenery and living in the moment. The drive was about 8hrs, and thankfully not much traffic. Pretty chill road trip, with frequent gas stops. We made it to our Airbnb at La Selva Beach and stayed in Nor Cal for 5 days.


During the stay we drove to Hollister Hills OHV Park and that was really cool. One of my bucket list checked off. What made me come here was seeing the guys from Dirt Everyday go to Hollister Hills on some their episodes. Pretty cool spot for all levels.


We did the easy to medium trails, because I’m not really confident in my off road skills, and I wanted to make sure I can still drive the Land Cruiser back to Texas without breaking anything.



The California trails seemed more rocky and steeper then the ones in Texas. I did like the mountain views and cooler weather. We also checked out the local farms near by. I didn’t get pictures of that but everything tastes better from the source.


One of the cool things about California in general is you dont have to drive far for a change of scenery. The next day we decided to explore the local spots in La Selva Beach. I do like this small beach town, and the people around were chill and friendly. I’m sure they have money because looking at the houses around that area starts at 800k and up.


Lambo enjoying the beach bum life. He even met another chow chow!!!


Untitled Typical chow chows hahaha.


This chow chow has the beach glow going on.


Lambo loving life. These are the day I’m really thankful for everything. Its about life experience, and not materialistic things.


The mandatory family picture!!

DSC_0015 DSC_0010

Lambo is a pretty clean dog, and didn’t want to get wet.

DSC_0005 DSC_0018

After exploring the local beach, we got hungry and hit up a bagel spot near by.


It was really good!!!! I wish I remember the name….


Then we found a railway near the trail and wifey had to get a picture.

DSC_0028 DSC_0032

Made it to Santa Cruz!!!! I had to get the Santa Cruz sticker while here. Unfortunately, the boardwalk isn’t dog friendly but all good. We just explored around.

DSC_0033 DSC_0040

Clear skies, cool weather, and palm trees.


Wasn’t a lot of people around on a weekday, and Im thankful for that.


We went to the local ice parlor we to for a snack. Forgot to take a picture because we pretty much inhaled it. The owners where nice enough to give Lambo a bowl of water too. After exploring the beach side of town, we headed up the mountains and visited a train museum.


There was actually some kind of wedding rehearsal going on, and I’m willing to bet they are train fanatics. Lots of old fashion things around the area and pretty remote. We didn’t have reception.


The baby bear distracted with all the scenery.


Then we got hungry and wanted to get some drinks, and headed back into town.


We found some small stores and bought some things for our house. I like shopping for practical house stuff while traveling because its useful and memories of past trips.


Beer…. never fails.


Lambo all pooped out. And with that we called it a day and headed back to La Selva Beach. Next post we will be heading to San Fran!!!!!



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