New Rig who this

Untitled Well not really new… but fairly recent purchase. What pushed me to buy a something more practical was the flooding from Hurricane Harvey. My 335i couldn’t wade much water, leaving me stranded at work. I borrowed one the doctor’s SUV and waded nearly knee deep water with ease. Houston is prone to yearly heavy flooding, and it was time to get a better vehicle for that. Lucky having car friends, one of them pointed me to a 40th anniversary Land Cruiser on Craigslist at a very great price. My wife and I checked it out in Dallas and came home with it that same day. Untitled

Only had a small oil leak on lower oil pan which is now fixed. The glory days of Japanese 90s style. I feel like these vehicles are meant to last forever with maintenance. This has some miles (250,000 miles) but everything works! For now its mostly stock but eventually Ill want to take the Land Cruiser overlanding.


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