Hong’s Track Inspired G37S


Being a car guy I do have different types of friends to like to enjoy their cars…. I have friends the like to track em and Im that type of person also, but that doesn’t mean I have friends only in that circle. I have my other friends that just like to modify cars and enjoy them in the streets. Here is my friend, Hong, and his track inspired G37S Sedan.

DSC_0643 DSC_0649

I met Hong a some years back when I first moved to Houston. We met though friends that were also into cars. Back then I was into the stance scene with my GTI and Miata, and Hong drove a purple Altima on 20″ heavy ass Vossens haha. Times have changed, and for the better.


After graduating college and making some money, Hong bought a new and stock G37S. The car was originally black but as the years went by it went though many changes till what you see now.

DSC_0651 My friend Joseph Shih face on Hong’s big wang from Steet Faction. Have the same sticker on my brake lights.


Volk TE37 in OG gold is such a classic wheel. Besides the BBS RS this is my other favorite classic wheel. Track proven and looks great.

DSC_0658 DSC_0654 DSC_0657

Hong’s interior is mostly striped making the original 5 seat occupancy for 2 people. When doing highway pulls or loop runs, weight matters. Or just be more race car lifestyle.



The lucky charm is a nice touch to the almost bare essential interior.


Yes it auto but the shifts are crisp and smooth. But what I really like, is the super JDM Key’s Racing steering wheel. Vertex, and Nardi are pretty common wheels I see in car show but Key’s is just another level.


The quality of the wheel is luxurious and I can tell it would match my Narita Dog Fight racing gloves. Puts you in the mood to go fast.


The rear end with the chassis mount Street Faction wing has very aggressive set up that matches the rest of the cars theme.

DSC_0709 Being from Texas… Tacos is life. DSC_0705

Glad I live in the city becuase you get cool photo shoots that kinda grab the city life and atmosphere.

DSC_0696 DSC_0699


No lift, full throttle.


Build Breakdown:

Custom Headlights Carbon Fiber front lip Carbon Fiber side splitters Carbon Fiber rear spats Carbon Fiber Vis Racing rear diffuser Carbon Fiber Duckbill trunk Carbon Fiber Roof wing Custom Cerulean Blue Autoflex Coating StreetFaction GT Wing

Retrofit Source LED fog lights Retrofit Source 5000k HID

Wheels and tires:
Michelin Pilot Super sports 245/45/18 Front Michelin Pilot Super sports 245/45/18 Rear Volk Racing TE37sl 18×9.5+22

Brakes and suspension:
StopTech slotted rotars 355mm front 350mm rear StopTech stainless steel brake lines BCracing coilovers Cusco upper strut bar SPL titanium rear camber links SPL rear toe rods SPL front upper control arms Stillen front sway bar Stillen rear sway bar

Stillen gen III air intakes Stillen headers Gates Racing Belt Motordyne Art Pipes Motordyne cat back Ecutek Tuned

Corbeau Forza Seats Corbeau four point harness Custom Harness bar

Carbon Fiber Radiator cover Carbon Fiber Battery cover Carbon Fiber Fluid cover

Backyard Auto



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