Getting ready for the 2017 track season!


I’m back from vacation and excited to start tracking again! The withdrawals are real!

Last weekend some of my friends came over to help (which was much needed), becuase Im not mechanic savvy at all and Im slow working on cars. My neighbor came by to help and came in with the clutch becuase my tool box is ill equipped. The M3 last track day was in October, and was due for fluid changes. I flushed the dirty power steering fluid, flushed my brake fluid with Motul RBF 600 racing fluid. I did have Motul dot 5.1 before but there were times times at the end of the track sessions that the brakes would feel kinda mushy (only for a brief moment). I hope a higher temp brake fluid will fix that. Then I was next to changing the street pad to track pads. If you are tracking often I recommend on getting a set for the street and another for the track. Becuase there isn’t a pad that performs best on both worlds.


Lam came by too, but he came mainly to check out the house. We were pretty much done on working on the M3 when he came by.


While changing pads I did have time to test fit my iForge wheel… It did fit but I think this look will be better on the 335i. Still need to finish in refinishing them first.


The next day I went to Backyard Auto for an oil change, alignment check, and tech inspection for the upcoming track days. Everything checkout fine!


The last thing I did was place a shop rag around the power steering reservoir because at the track the E9x M3 are known to have their ps fluid boil over and get all over the engine bay. In past track days, I have notice some fluid spill out of the reservoir so this rag will soak up any spills.


Track scars.

First track day of the season is this weekend at MSR Houston. If y’all in the area come by and say hi!

Backyard Auto


NASA texas region

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