Track Day at MSR Houston

MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-01 Technically its not a “track day.” More of a HPDE (High Performance Driving Education), well that is what it is officially called. I’ve been to these HPDE events and its basically racing school… You get classroom time with track time. You start off as novice if you don’t have much experience or new to the organization. Then as the sessions go by the instructors will grade you on your driving at the track and will give recommendations on what to do. If you do really well, then the instructor can bump you up a group. The top two run groups actually get a track discount. So hard work does pay off.

MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-03

I’ve been going to track and drift events once a month for one year but since it was my first time with this organization (the drivers edge) I was placed in novice. I have nothing against that, I kinda wanted to be in novice becuase I wanted an instructor to help me improve at the track. I managed to get my other friends Dykon, and David to come on their first track day!

MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-28

MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-27

This was a two day event and nothing better than having back to back track days! Since I’ve kept up with the maintenance I knew my car will survive.

MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-04 MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-05

This Integra looks like has seen a lot of track miles.

MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-06 MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-07

You had full blown race cars to compete stock cars.

MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-08 MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-09

This GT3 is all ready tracked prep already from the factory.

MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-10 MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-13

MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-14 Unfortunately sometime things do break unexpectedly… This E46 M3 had a broken wheel bearing. The driver was actually my instructor in the novice group. Later I got bumped up a group on my first day, becuase “I was too fast for the group.” I’ll take that as a compliment. MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-16

MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-17 This Audi A5 was sporting some serious meat, Advan Neovas! MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-21

When I was bumped up to the blue run group this GTR was behind me and was all over the place! I noticed the neo chrome tow hook in my rear view mirror.

MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-19 MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-24

E92 M3 was in full force! These owners had track focused mods. M3 on the left had Nitto NT01 tires, and DCT tune. The M3 on the right had Stoptech BBK and Nitto NT05 tires, with 4pt harness too. The owners where really chill and nice talking about cars and track tips.

MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-25 MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-26

At the end of the 2nd day I was able to go with the yellow run group and join my fellow M3 friends! Too bad it started to rain in the last two sessions of the day.

MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-23

All white M3s with all different mods. This particular white M3 on Apex wheels had some track oriented mods. Coilovers, striped rear seat and trunk, 4 pt harness, gts wing, Stoptech bbk, stud conversion, with RS-3, Eisenmann exhaust. The 2nd day I was in his run group and I did try to follow his line and he carried more speed than I did. The owner was very nice and also got bit with the track bug…. Started tracking 6 months ago!

MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-30

The V8 was the motor of choice for most cars!

MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-35

MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-48

MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-54

Superchaged Lotus Evora S. The owner got bit with the track bug. He started tracking last last year with a Lotus Evora then later traded it in for a Lotus Evora S.

MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-38 More lightweights MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-53

MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-47 MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-45

This black GTR is pinoy owned and was in the Blue group. Had a very nice Armytrix exhaust, sounded nice chasing the GTR at the track.

MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-43 M3s of different generations MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-46

No point of buying track tires if you don't track it 🙇 #hankook #trackrat #te37rt #abrhouston #natsukashigarage

Hankook RS-3 proving their worth. Very sticky tires once they are heat cycled. Usually a couple of laps warms them up pretty well.

MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-51

During the the 2 days, the last two sessions ended in rain… I don’t like tracking in the rain because Im not too comfortable with it but at least the sessions wasn’t canceled. Eventually I’ll get the hang of tracking in the the rain.

MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-55

The calm before the storm.

MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-64 MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-62

MSRH Sept 24-25 2016-72

It was great weekend. My friends got hooked and already trying to see the next track day hahaha.

I do happen to have some video of me tracking that I will post up later. Thanks for reading!



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