Time in the M3

It been awhile posting here but there hasn’t been updates to the M3. I’m pretty happy the way it is now and I’ve just been going to track events once or sometimes twice a month.

Untitled Recently I installed my 90mm wheel studs for extra strength and it’s nice having the option of running spacers. My Project Kics racing lugs compliment the studs. It about the attention to detail Pro tip: adjusting tire pressures is a very cheap way to improve grip or fuel economy 👍 #te37rt #nittotires #projectkics #natsukashigarage

I found some 15mm FK spacers I had at my parents place when I had my old BMW before I crashed many years ago. I placed it in the rear because I wanted to be more flush to the fenders. The fitment looked good.


Couple weeks ago I went to a autocross and I took off my spacers at the track because I was afraid of rubbing. I noticed it would slightly rub in city driving over bumps and steep inclines but noting severe when I had my GTI or miata. The autocross was my first timed event. The fastest cars was running in the 27 sec range at the track and slowest cars were around 40 sec range. The cars tuned for the autocross really killed it, so I knew I wasn’t going to get to their lap times. My goal was to get below 30 secs and I would be happy. There was a CTS-V and a stock 996 GT3 running 29-28 sec range and I figured that would be a good time to get. Unfortunately 30.8 was the fastest I managed to get. The event ended prematurely after a Shelby Cobra replica took out the timer. I was short by 2 runs but honestly I don’t think I was able to get pass 30.8 because I was really pushing it.


Here is video of me at the autocross but not of the fastest time… I got soo serious in trying to get below 30 sec range that I forgot to turn on the go pro. Feel good to chip away at your times though.



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