Ricebox Wednesday…. 86 Dayyyyyy

86 day-53

The guys a Mayday Garage always have a wednesday meet called Ricebox Wednesday, and it just so happened 8-6 day fell on a Wednesday. Just perfect.

86 day-01

I didn’t have an AE86 but I thought I would still be nostalgic enough to bring my 1992 Miata. That daw was a very hot and humid summer afternoon but Im dedicated and drove topless to meet.

86 day-03

I arrived late on Filipino time and of course there was no space at all to park in the front soo I just hard parked in the uncool zone in the very back. Oh wells, I wanted to finish “Pumping Iron” on Netflix before I left.

86 day-02

86 day-04

Houston has a very strong car scene and some internet famous cars are from Houston. Being 86 day, you see cars come out that you would rarely see otherwise.

86 day-05

Rocket Bunny 86. First time Ive seen this body kit in person and its really aggressive but flows with the lines very well.

86 day-14

On work VS XX deep dish. Hard parked.

86 day-06

Ricebox Wednesday got sooo popular now that they have cones reserved for the cool people. I wasn’t cool enough doe.

86 day-08

Tom’s S2000 was and I can see why. The engine sounded nasty in a good way.

86 day-31

^^^ The money shot 50mm at its finest. ^^^

86 day-10

More spots for the cool kids.

86 day-11

Prime example of clean and simple. Houston always has some legit cars in Texas.

86 day-13

Legit RHD N2 style hachirochu. A rare sight to see, looks even better in person.

86 day-22

86 day-21

Ahhh and the old school SSR Mesh wheel match the era perfectly.

86 day-39


Its like Initial D days with Takumi 10k redline.

86 day-38

86 day-36

86 day-12


86 day-16


86 day-17


Demon camber, you love it or hate there is no in between.

86 day-18

86 day-19

86 day-24

Big ballers came out.

86 day-25


86 day-26


86 day-28



86 day-27


86 day-30


86 day-29


86 day-32

86 day-47


86 day-20


Boosted S2000 motor in a Formula D Hachi. I wonder if they towed the car there or actually drove it because I didn’t see tags or registration.

86 day-33


This Panda Trueno was powered by Mitsubishi, interesting combo and originality too.

86 day-34


And even had a Rambo knife as the hydro e-brake.

86 day-35

86 day-42


Mercedes Benz Alphards, I miss those rims back when I was OEM plus. I wonder if thats my old set.

86 day-43

86 day-41

The classic Toyota Corona. I saw these cars a lot in the Philippines but no where nice as this one. This car is Pinoy owned, Manila repping.

86 day-44


86 day-48


14″ SSR MK2. Keeping it classy.

86 day-49


86 day-50

86 day-51


86 day-55

86 day-52



Till next time.

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