Tire Shop Needs: USA Tire and Wheel


Living in Houston, the 4th largest city, it wasn’t hard finding tire shops but the problem is would you trust them with your expensive wheels. Or if you are about that stanced life, who would be willing to stretch your tires and not bitch about it.


When I first moved to Houston, I took my tire needs to NTB and the guys there took 4hrs to stretch 205/40/17 tires on the 17×9 rims. Then I took a my tire needs to local mexican shop and they stretched my tires no problem. BUT messed up my RPF1s while mounting the tires.



When I used to live in Humble, because the hospital I worked at was 5 mins away. I found this little tire shop called: USA Wheel and Tire located at 2415 FM 1960 Rd E Humble, TX 77338. Unfortunately one of my rims debeaded on my GTI and I took it to that little tire shop.



The guys at USA Tire and Wheel did a great job with my wheels. I found out the tire had a small leak on the sidewall, which was unrepairable. I ordered new pair of Federal 595SS tires from the shop, and arrived in the afternoon. Gabriel is the guy that mounted and stretched my 215/40/18 tires on a 18×10 rim. He made sure not to scratch my rims and stretched the tires no problem at all. I told them not to go too hard on the impact gun so I can torque the the lug nuts and they did just that.



Satisfied with the work, I take all my tire needs to their shop. When I brought in the Miata, they stretched 205/50/15 Nitto Neo Gen tires on my 15×10.5 BBS RM! I wouldn’t really trust anyone to mount my rims except for them.



If they don’t have the sizes in stock they can usually get you one by the afternoon or if they cant, it would come in the next morning. They are really chill people and they hook it up on the prices, especially if your ride is nice.





They even mounted the tires on my Advans SA3R rims back when I was squared and fictional fitment.



I recently had my tires replaced on the my Work Kiwamis. I was still rubbing when I had 4 people the car even with the camber. I was embarrassed with all the rubbing and my friends making horrible noises when I rub that I wanted to change my tires. I had 225/35/18 tires which did better then the 225/40/18 but the 225 tire width was a tad too wide. I called up Gabriel in the morning and was able to get a pair of 215/40/18 tires and would arrive in the afternoon.



Now that I live in Houston, driving to Humble was kinda of a distance, a 45 minute drive without traffic to be exact. But other tire shops near my place was charging me an extra $100 just to mount my tires because of the stretch. Not worth it, since Gabriel is real homie, and can stretch my tires with no complaints. He actually enjoys the challenge.



Getting the tire to bead to the rim did take a while because its was an aggressive stretch. More than I had done before or even driven on. We were mounting 215/40/18 tires on the 18×10.5 Work rim. After the 7th attempt we were able to get the tire to bead on the rim with the help of me and the cheetah. The 2nd wheel we got on the first attempt, since we knew what to do. Also the Delinte Tires are really easy tires to stretch just like Toyo, Nankang, and Federal. No sticky, gunky bead sealant was used, just good ol tire lube. I kept the tire pressure to 50psi because with this amount of stretch the last thing you want is the tire to debead or deform. I like the look of it, is just cool in my opinion.





I only paid $150 for everything and that is really cheap for those tire specs and what we did to get the tires to set on the rim. I don’t rub anymore with a full load!!! In matter of fact, I think I can even go lower.



I like to keep the stickers on tires just to show the camber. I like it, and I think this trend is going to catch on especially with the stance cars. Any of you readers are in Houston, come to USA Tire and Wheel in Humble, Texas. They stretch tires, or do track fitments, or 4×4 truck fitments and can get you any size tire by the afternoon or first thing in the morning. What matters the most are, the people are chill and laid back. Check em out next time you need tires.

Shop info:
USA Tire and Wheel
2415 FM 1960 Rd E
Humble, TX 77338

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