Tailored Made Simplicity


What started as a simple Status seat hookup, ended up becoming one my best friends. This is Lam’s Hyundai Genesis. I met this guy at the Mayday Garage Ricebox meet last year when you can still find parking. Its kinda funny how you meet people in the car scene and sometimes you just end up hanging out or you don’t.


Lam sold his LS Intergra and went KDM. He bought a stock cool blue Hyundai. The car is fun to drive and I love the Turbo XS blow off valve. People say your car is an extension of ones personality. With Lam’s car its clean, simple, with a racing style theme.


Believe it or not he is a photographer for Proper Garage and owner of Lam Photography http://www.lam-photography.com/. Baller status.


Reppin team Opulence



Functional camber but a wider track. OEM+


This guy is soo famous cops even know him.



Instagram status.


This car has seen 9 sets of wheels since the past year and a half! Lam is faithful to the ladies but a wheelwhore at heart. This time rocking Volk Racing CE28. Because we all know wheels can change the the look of the significantly. By the way he is single ladies.



At one point this car was all about that stanced life and looked really good coming out from One Stop Auto. But that same day Lam came back to raise the car because it was too low and rubbing and afraid his M&S Type B front lip was going to get smashed.


Currently the setup is the more functional squared fitment with the bumps soaked up by the Megan Racing Coilovers. Exterior is kept OEM+ with a murdered grill, and lip.



The racing style theme goes into the interior too. That was my old Bride which is welded on the floor because custom spec. The center console is wrapped in carbon fiber trimming. Deep dish Nardi wheel just puts you in the mood to carve up canyons or weave in and out of traffic.



The struggle.


Night runner


I was kinda having a hard time doing a panning shots at night, soo Lam took the camera and I drove. This is what happened….


TROLLED. I honestly wasnt trying to troll. At that moment I saw a couple of cars coming the opposite way, then I said “FUCK I missed the timing,” when I looked into the camera as the cars passed. Turned out, the picture came out perfect.


You want to surround yourself with friends that help and encourage each other  to do good and not give up. Always there to have your back. I feel that way with the team and some friends that I have met though life. Its not the car that makes you want to be friends with somebody but the drivers personality.



Custom TurboBack Exhaust(Downpipe- CatBack), SFR 1.5 Canned Tune, TurboXS Oil Catchcan, HKS Full Intake System, TurboXS RFL BOV


Forged Performance thx ss shift knob,Sickspeed shifter extender ,NRG Hub NRG Quick Release 2.0, Nardi Deepcorn 350mm, Bride Zeta II bucket seat, Sparco bracket & rails Sabelt Harness, ICE Memphis 500Watt Monoblock AMP Memphis 12in Subwoofer Custom Ported Box


Debadge, 25% Tint, M&S type B front lip Authentic, HIDs (5k)


Megan street coilover ,Volk CE28N white 19×9.5 +12 all around 235/35/19 front 255/35/19 rear


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