While my GTI is at the shop waiting for a new heart, I started turning my attention to my Miata. While browsing the interwebs, I scored a good deal on these BBS RM and I had to scoop it up. The BBS is the 3rd set of rims on this car. Yes I am a wheel whore, not gonna deny that. The rears are in the 10.5″ wide and negative offset. I just pulled and rolled the fenders, and maxed out my camber on the stock camber bolts. Even with that though, the Miata rubs on hard turns and bumps. I still need to add more camber and possibly change my coilovers to stiffer ones. I can do over-fenders but I noticed over-fenders were 2013 since Liberty Walk, Rocket Bunny, and RWB made them popular. Over-fenders would be my last resort if I still rub. I do get the love and hate, but for me I just love the fitment game. Im all about the stretch, toke, slam, poke lifestyle. I do respect other car styles, except rice 🙂


Chillin at the tea house. This pic was shot by my homie Bun, one of the photographers for AutoModia.

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