Late Night Photoshoot

Last night some of the Natsukashi Garage boys decided to get together to showcase some new additions to our rides, or at least modifications. For Thaison, Cody, and I it was all about slamming our cars. For Arick, we were just celebrating the fact that his car still worked…. for now…. because we all know that won’t last long.

The rest of the night was fun, and involved things such as Charlie getting pulled over in my car (which has expired registration) and us spotting a fire from the top floor of a parking garage. Also, no night is ever complete these days without Thaison getting mistaken as a girl (apparently “she” was driving around with a suspicious car). Luckily for him, the Pho game is kickin and the police knew him from the Pho shop.

In the end, it was to get these shots. Here are a few from the night that I personally really liked



Arick’s toy machine racer parked almost completely in the stair case. Gotta love a good FMIC


Gotta get the typical street team photo




Oh shit, Toretto, it’s on




Scrape scrape scrape scrape


All in all, nights like these are why I’m into cars. There is nothing that beats cruising around town getting into trouble with your friends no matter how old you get. Stay tuned for more progress of our rides, after all this years motto is “Big things 2013”

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