CCM14 Dallas

Here we are again. This time the Natsukashi crew decided to head out to CCM14 in Dallas which was hosted by Tiffany Troung and Ty Nguyen as usual. The trip was one that was to be full of great times and surprises and the creation of the first Natsukashi Games.  Though we kept to our usual antics we did not forget the main reason why we came up there, for the meet. I love going to these things. The people you meet and friends you make last a life time and those are things I never want to change. The downside of this meet was the heat. It was a blistering 105+ on the pavement but, as the boys and girls of Natsukashi Garage will tell you, I sucked it up to get some shots of some great cars for you all. My apologies this round for not getting every car, but due to the heat and the amazing turnout that was there I had to limit my shots. Again these are unedited much because I still haven’t had time to learn much about photo editing, nor do I like highly edited photos much. On to the show!

Things started as usual when we travel north which resulted in us meeting at my place over in Round Rock. This time we had some other great friends of mine join us which made the trip all the more enjoyable. Please excuse my good friend David for being a creeper.

Thaison made it with his 86, and his brand new black top 20 valve swap. This thing was already amazing before the coil on plug conversion and ITB’s but that just makes it all the better. However seeing as he finished the swap 2 days before we left there were more than enough kinks to work out.

He also picked CCM14 to debut his beautiful Work equip 01’s. This is typical of a lot of older style tuners, put wheels on the car that are worth more than the car itself. This is a great idea that I back 100% and they also look GREAT on this car.

He also failed to tell us that he didn’t have an exhaust installed and we had to install that before we could get on the road…. Typical last minute Natsukashi style!

The cars ready to roll out. The Prelude belongs to Josh Ubalde who kindly shot a great video of a few of us. His car needs some work but has some great character and I love seeing his progress with it.

A quick shot of our new stickers, which come in an assortment of colors! (Contact me, Branden, for info on how to purchase yours)

Rolling shot of Josh from inside my civic

Our first pit stop resulted from Alan needing to go potty. This also happened to cause 4 of our members to miss an exit due to the quick decision to get off of the highway. We all caught back up and got refreshments!


Passing through Dallas you already knew we had to hit up In n Out. Here Thaison is checking on the swap once again.

Thaison chose blue 🙂

Food with the homies

Surfer Thaison who will only live once (I always respawn)

Cody destroying some more In n Out as usual

We arrived at Ryan’s dad’s apartment around 12 or so I believe ( I was running on 2 hours of sleep from the night before). Needless to say I quickly passed out and didn’t get any shots of the place. Regardless it was a very nice apartment.

We got up, cleaned the cars, and headed to the meet. Here we are all set up in typical fashion which cupcakes galore thanks to the girls. These were SOOOO yummy!

All set up and ready to rock!

Thaison stealing the show before it even began

Cody and Alan posted up. A giant thanks goes out to my girlfriend Guilian for getting us flyers to pass out to everyone!

Repping Natsukashi on my engine bay!

A shot of across the way

Our little row that we had

Our friends hanging out

The time came where I had to get out there and take some pictures so I started with a personal favorite of mine, the Suby’s!

This civic made me all sorts of happy inside. I wasn’t sure about the carbon fenders but looking back at it, the owner pulled them off. The fitting BBS’s also helped persuade me.

His friend on Advan RGII’s

I really do love Mugen SI’s. So much so that I have a poster of one on the walls of my room. This one was done correctly… it was left alone. I’m one who will stand back and simply admire the beauty of a perfect factory machine and Honda made this one perfect from factory. Everyone on this car is A+

CCM brings together car enthusiasts of all types. One non import that really did it for me was this slammed truck. Apparently it’s even family friendly. Props to the owner

Class is also required at these meets and Euro’s also do it big. These cars made me miss Vinson and his amazing GTI but we were still thinking of him as he was back in Houston working.

Audi that was on point… and for sale

Here is a shot of my buddy Nick’s ej hatch. He is also a fellow DAP enthusiast and his car is really coming together nicely. I greatly appreciate builds that take a long time but are done the right way

My buddy Blake goes through cars more than most people. This time he happened to pick up a mint EF that looks simply beautiful. SI wheels really do work on this car. Great headway Blake

I ❤ FMIC’s

One of the many rows of CCM14. This place was packed

Infinity Love

A rare sighting of 2 FD’s

Simple. Beautiful. Rotary.

Miata love

I believe I shot this SI on Rotiforms in OKC. It’s good to see enthusiasts travel

Brian Ton’s Matrix

Chris Chung’s new WRX. I can’t wait to own one!

It’s good to see some Bug eye love

This is quite possibly the best looking Accord Cross tour I have seen yet

That menacing front end!

If it ain’t a type R it ain’t a tyte car yo!

+1 for the k swap, -1 for the fake wheels. Overall I like this car though

A well executed 4 door!

I’ve seen this hatch a lot around Texas. Everytime he has something new to show off, and it only gets better each time

Nothing like a k swap… but turbo? Game over

I love JDM front integras… with turbo!

I’ll leave part one on a high note of this slammed GLI. I asked these guys to say “WHUT UP FOR THE INTERNET” and they were glad to oblige. Part 1 was a doozy but part 2 has even more excitement! Stay tuned Natsukashier’s


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