Introducing Natsukashier Vinson

Vinson has always sort of been the big brother of the group. He was the first to graduate college and has been into cars as long as I can remember. His first car was an old first gen VW bug which was rat rodded out and extremely cool. Considering his family has a long history of Euro tuning it’s no wonder why Vinson opted for a new VW GTI as his car of choice. This car started out stock and from there has grown to be, arguably, the best GTI in Austin. My personal favorite is the cross platfrom Mercedes rims that fit so perfectly on the little hatch. Adding Vinson to the group is a great honor and seeing as he now resides in Houston, we will be offered with the pleasure of following some of the Houston scene as well as more Euro things for the Euro guys. Like the rest of us though, Vinson has a love for slammed, loud, and all around sexy cars. Welcome to the team Big Brother Vinson.


The GTI at night. This car is seriously low

The Glory that is


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