Introducing Natsukashier Cody

As a lot of you readers know, Cody has been one of the first followers/friends of Natsukashi Garage. This guy carries our mindset, love for cars, and builds some of the best damn Honda’s known to ever hit Austin streets. When we first met, wayyyyy back when, he picked up at 1987 Honda accord LXI hatch back. To most people, they would write off the car and build something more viable and new but that’s not Cody. He always builds cars out of the ordinary and does so with the best parts (mostly OEM) to date. He happens to also be probably the main reason why I love Honda’s so much. I owe a lot to him and his expertise. If any followers need any help/advice on a Honda I’m sure he would love to help, and really…. this guy is a walking encyclopaedia. It’s great to have him on the team officially.

As of right now he owns a late 80’s model civic wagon that is near perfect. I love this car!


The man and his wagon. When you own a car this old you have to get very creative on your mods. Check out those fog lights and that lip!


Wagon shirt + wagon = love

Welcome fam!


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