clutch job — still not finished

So…the clutch job still isn’t finished.  My slave cylinder decided to blow up.  So it is permanently stuck with the clutch “fully depressed.”  But luckily, I made it all the way home from David’s place — a good 20 minute drive.

I spent tonight with one of my 86 buddies, Joseph, (which I soon will do a feature of his build) and he helped me clean out my garage.  I really should’ve taken before and after pictures.  But…those of you who’ve been to my house know that the before picture was just tons of trash and junk piled into our garage.

After a solid four hours of moving things around, cleaning, and hosing — we got the dead fish/poop smell out of the garage and cleared enough space to fit my 86 in there.  This way, I won’t have to continue working on my gravel driveway…

The car hadn’t been in the garage for about four years — the last time it was in there was when I did my first motor swap, winter/spring of 2008.

Hopefully I can get all my parts in and swap everything in for Saturday.

And in typical Thaison, always doing things last minute.  And then everything blows up in your face, but somehow I (usually) get it done in the end.  Hopefully I can get my 86 up and going for Saturday’s track event.


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