future of the 86

So, recently I’ve been contemplating where I want to go with the 86.  Do I want to turn it into a drift car?  A grip car?  A missile?  A clean daily?

Here’s how clean my car was, two years ago.  February 2010, at the NST 5th anniversary car show/drift event.

february 2010

A huge part of me wants to finish my widebody and start prepping my car for some body work, etc etc.  Get it all clean and repaint it again, like I did before.  I know it’s going to take a lot of time and effort to do that.  I’m going to take on the task of learning bondo work and prepping all the car myself, so that when it comes time to take it to a shop, all they would have to spray it.  I’m hoping to have it looking as clean as this one:

In due time… there’s a lot planned for my 86, I need to get going on it!

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