i <3 my ef

88 ef hatch

So, towards the late end of last year, I bought myself my first Honda.  I’ve owned nothing but Toyotas (corollas to be exact) until this car.  I was trying to find a nice daily that gets good gas mileage, soooo my first thought was, why not get a civic?  I came across a deal for a 1988 EF hatch that I could NOT pass up.  It was sooooo clean for an 88 model.  I daily-ed it and was getting about 40mpg.  FORTY!

My 86, the most I ever got was 29mpg.  Right now, it’s getting about 17-19mpg (bad tune…).  So this car was getting DOUBLE!

I was dailying it until a mishap with an oak tree.  I don’t want to get into the details, but this is what it looks like now:

ruh roh

I thought about selling it.  I thought about parting it out.  But then…I thought about dailying it anyways.  So, for now, I am keeping the EF dreams alive!  I’m dailying it again now (and it’s cold as heck without that back window).  I’ll probably end up swapping a junkyard hatch on there and some red tape for the lenses and call it a day.

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