It’s always hard to say good bye

For over the past year I have owned a 1997 mazda miata that I bought from one of my best friends. The car was amazing and pristine in every way. It really felt like a luxury car with the power steering and air conditioning that were two commodities that I at one point had neither of in my 1998 honda civic. So after a year I managed a few small mods (two suspension changes, few outside cosmetic things, and some nice interior adds), that really made the car feel like home.

Well, as the story goes I came across a great deal on a 1999 Honda Civic Si with 120k original miles. Now to any honda guy they understand me when I say this car made me unbelievably excited. Needless to say I, the broke college student, couldn’t afford 3 cars and had to make a choice. If you know me well enough you’ll almost immediately see that I will never let go of my hatch back, no matter how big of a pile of junk it is. So the next option was the Miata.

Now, at least, the car with a friend who I hope will take care and love it as much as I did. Note, I will own another one day when the time is right.

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