Tuesday video!

Well, a little apologies to you all for not posting up CCM part 2 yet. It’s been a fast paced two weeks since I acquired a little something that requires some work. I’ll make sure to post on it later. This next video was one that really got me into the honda scene. This video was back before the stance movement when the main priority was having some awesome rare rims, and if you were into “looks” then you just slammed the poop out of your car. Flush wasn’t relevant yet, but sunk wheels were. I miss days like these, oh he nostalgia…..
On a side note this video is also what got me into blue scholars back in 08 and has changed my musical preference ever since. If you’ve never listened to Blue Scholars you need to because this duo is hands down one of the best in hip hop. Along with almost all other Seattle MC’s…. Common Market, Macklemore, etc.



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