OEM Freshhhhhhhhh

The SI got a major overhaul this weekend. My main mechanic, whom I always tackle intricate car projects with, helped me with pretty much rebuilding my motor. We replaced almost every needed part/gasket that is needed of a car that has over 100k+ miles on it. The cool thing was, was that the parts that came off it were all OEM as well. I always get excited when I see nothing but the best on cars. Here are some pics!

Jose (Jalapeno) Showing his excitement for all the parts he sees

Get down with power tools


Well, you gotta have wiper fluid!



Battle Weapons

All the new part glory


Pop'n topz

Blue and yellow! Someone tell Spoon to sponsor me~!




Loose battery stays are never good. Still can't believe I've been driving around like that


Suspension goodies are my favorite, 13mm SI sway bar to 22mm integra type R sway bar. (have to wait for brackets 😦