stock height is no fun

So I guess my third week of owning it, I decided it was time to lower the car. It was originally on megan lowering springs, but i just wasn’t happy with that drop.

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Slammed life

So as of recent, I’ve been missing how my 86 drove and felt when it was just hammered to the ground. Back before, I ran slammed in m celica supra 14″ wheels. Needless to say, it was lowlowlowlow.


After I threw my 15’s on I decided to raise it bc it was soooo harsh driving around town. But I soon realized I wasn’t happy with that height Continue reading

86 Day in Texas

So every year, 86 day is celebrated around the time of August 6th.  This year, 8/6 landed on a Monday, which makes it difficult for many people to attend an event on the actual day — bc of work, school, etc.  So all of us local Texas 86 guys always celebrate 86 weekend, usually the weekend before 86 day.  This year, we decided to celebrate August 3-5.

This year, we decided to all meet in Austin and enjoy 86 festivities in this beautiful city.

Day 1 — 8/3:

Mark & Jonas were the only out of towners that made it this year.  Mark drove all the way down from Dallas.  Jonas trailered his hatch all the way from Houston.  They got in Friday afternoon and came down to the pho shop to meet up with Joseph and I.  P.S. most of the pictures in this blog post are shot with a Minolta MAXXUM 7000 35mm camera.  Circa 1985.  What better way than to celebrate an 80’s car with a period correct camera!  All images unedited.

here’s mark & his coupe

jonas & his hatch

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There are a lot of things that can motivate or kill that motivation when it comes to doing a big car project.  This 20v swap in my ae86 has proven to be a rollercoaster of that.  Starting out with really strong motivation and drive to get my swap going, followed by a dry spell, back to motivation.

As of the last couple weeks, I hit a wall with my swap.  The engine was in the chasis and was awaiting all the little things.  But I simply just did not have any motivation to get it finished.  I KNEW it was just a bunch of small things that were left to do…but I just couldn’t get myself to do it.  My motivation was lacking.  There were nights where Joseph was going to come over and help me finish the swap, but I told him I was too tired after work to do anything. Continue reading

motor is in!

So on my day off this past wednesday… I ran around picking up little parts I knew that I’d need to finish my motor.  Sadly, I got called in to work around 5pm :[  Story of my life.

I worked a few hours and Joseph came to the shop and grabbed some sushi.  Once business died down, I was free to go and it was homeward bound to drop my motor in!

After some Dreyer’s Dibs ice cream that joseph picked up from the gas station, it was time to get going on the motor.


I had to be really careful with the engine, so I don’t scratch the paint on the bay.  But as careful as I was, once it was secure in the mounts, the engine leaned backwards and my fuel return barb gauged the back of the engine bay :[  Luckily it’s behind the engine, so it’s a bit more difficult to see.

After a couple tweaks here and there, I got the headers in just to see what it would look like!  (in case you’re wondering about the headers, I got them used from club4ag.  they’re old JSP Fab headers.  Made by Formula Drift driver John Russakoff.  I think he might have run them in his old 20v competition 86)

go pho it!


By this time it was like 2 or 3 in the morning.  Joseph and I decided to call it a night.  He had to get up early for work and we were hungry as heck.  So we went inside the house, nommed on some eggrolls leftover from work — which wasn’t enough so I made some spring rolls to fill our bellies.

All that’s left to get the motor running is hooking up the radiator/oil cooler, finishing wiring up my coil on plugs, tucking the harness, then brake/clutch lines.  Almost there!  Everything that’s left is just super tedious.

in all its glory