Track Maintance


A good rule of thumb, at least with me, is to do oil changes every 4 track days or every 3k miles, whichever comes in first. Another good thing to do that is often overlooked, is to do brake flushes once a year. I visited my buddy Fernando that owns Backyard Auto for my oil change and brake flush.


Brake fluid is corrosive. Eventhough the brake lines are a closed system, they do get dirty and can significantly impair brake performance. If you don’t track your car its still a good idea to do yearly brake flushes. Its maintenance that will keep your car running forever and avoid serious complications later.


I use Motul dot 5.1 brake fluid for my M3. Motul dot 5.1 does the job for the track abuse and normal city driving. My experience from the track, is the Motul performs exceptionally well and never had them boil. The brake pedal feels consistently firm and great bite. I can modulate the brake pedal nicely to adjust my braking distance. Only at COTA is when I had brake fade issues but I think that track exceeded the stock brake system. If I had race brake pads and fluids then it wouldn’t be an issue. Motul dot 5.1 is little more expensive than normal dot fluid but its way cheaper then higher temp brake fluids. For me its the perfect match for track abuse and city driving.  The M3 only required one bottle for the stock brake system.


While I was doing waiting, I notice within one week I managed to crack my lip. Comes with the territory when tracking. Unfortunately during TX86 Day, there was a cone in the middle of course and I was unable to avoid it. The lip is still intact but you can see the crack is visible. Battle scars.

Texas 86 Day

86 DAY-01

Soon after coming off from a 12hr shift I headed straight to HPD training academy for TX86 day. I was pretty tired but my tiredness soon went away when I arrived.

86 DAY-08

TX86 day was a event hosted by the people from NST on August 6, hence 86 day. That day celebrates the Toyota AE86 and the newer Scion FRS, and Subaru BRZ. TX86 didn’t allow non 86 owners to participate, but they did offer a pre screening for some slots. Luckily I was one of the few that was allowed to drive at the track.

86 DAY-10

When I arrived there where already a lot of 86 owners that was getting ready for the driving event or the car show. I was contemplating if I should grip or drift, but after seeing the famous Taka Aono do a drift session I made up my mind to go drifting. I brought my spare wheels with brand new Nexin N9000 rubber and slapped them on the rear.

86 DAY-02 86 DAY-10

It was super hot and humid that only got worse in the afternoon. Regardless, people stayed for the show and grip/drift event. From past experiences at that track, its always a good idea to bring drinks for hydration.

86 DAY-03 This Lexus IS300 fitment was spot on. One of the few non 86s that was allowed to drive at the track. 86 DAY-04

It even has an old school Nardi wheel and roll cage for tandem drifts. They didn’t allow tandem drifts at this event and kinda glad becuase Im not at that level.

86 DAY-05 This yellow FRS is rocking Volk TE37RTs with Advan Neovas, and dressed in TRD accessories. Most the cars drifted the course but this car looked well planted focusing on grip. Seems like with this chassis you can tune it for grip or drift, it does both pretty well. 86 DAY-06

86 DAY-07 86 DAY-09

A right hand drive AE86 that was in the show section. Sporting some very deep dish Work wheels and sticky Nitto NT01s.

86 DAY-11 Looked like a work in progress but headed in the right direction. 86 DAY-12

86 DAY-13 A FRS/BRZ rocking the Varis body kit in the show section. The aero looks soo aggressive that it could do a time attack.

86 DAY-14

The Volk and Brembro combo looking nice.

86 DAY-15 86 DAY-17

Slammed BRZ in the show section. I remember when I was about that life.

86 DAY-29 Simon Chan’s TSX. 86 DAY-31

86 DAY-32 Neon interior light for JDM. 86 DAY-16

Simon setting up the drift course for the RC cars.

86 DAY-30 RC drift action. 86 DAY-34

86 DAY-28 86 DAY-19

86 DAY-20 The NST booth that hosted the event. The black AE86 with the NST logo is actually Taka Aono old drift car in the OG days. 86 DAY-21

86 DAY-22 86 DAY-26

The AE86 with the red wheel is Taka Aono current drift car that competes in the Formula Drift series. It produces 700hp!

86 DAY-23 The 700hp beating heart. 86 DAY-24

86 DAY-25 Taka Aono and Yoshie Shuyama offer drift school in California. I feel pretty thankful that they came from California to Houston to celebrate 86 day. The VIP drivers got an opportunity to get lessons, which I felt like I missed out on. I didn’t get a chance talk to them personally but I could tell they made their passion into a career and thats something I want to work towards too. I like nursing but my passion has been racing. Untitled

Simon Chan was able to get a dope picture of me sliding and kicking dirt up.

Untitled Another shot by Simon Chan. Untitled

After 24hrs of no sleep, a day of just drifting and catching up with friends the tiredness caught to me again. Next thing I knew, it was 4pm and was hotter than an oven.I had a great time but I was feeling the heat. So I switch to my Volks, packed my gear, and headed home. Till next year, I hope I can join TX86 day again!

Simplicity is the key to perfection #m3 #bmw #te37rt #modecarbon #v8 #e92 #trackrat #abrhouston #natsukashigarage

A dope shot of Thaisons black edition AE86 by Simon Chan

I think its only appropriate to end this coverage with my homie Thaison and his newly acquired AE86 Black Edition. Thaison just slapped on Work Equips and really gives that Hawaiian/Cali look to it. Dope photo taken by the famous Simon Chan.

SCCA Track night: MSR Cresson

Another fun day at the track. This was my first time racing at this track and was pretty far drive from Houston (4hrs). I racked up about 800 miles part of which was because I stayed overnight in Austin. Even though I track once a month I joined the novice class becuase it is my first time here. I was thinking the track would be pretty empty since its was 102 degrees outside. Surprisingly I counted 11 cars in the novice class, and was actually less drivers in the intermediate and expert class.

MSR cresson-02 When I got there, the covered garage was filled! Grudgingly I unloaded all my tools and tires in the Texas sun. I did leave my tires and tools in the shade, at least there was room for that. Untitled The silver Lexus IS300 is actually pretty fast in the straights, I later found out it was LS swapped! The track day included 3 sessions, each being around 20 mins. On the first session, I was behind the IS300 when it started smoking bad with the smell of burning metal. Soon afterwards it smoked very badly and pulled over to the side of the track. Then session was black flagged and required everyone enter the pits. We waited roughly 10 mins for the track workers to clean up the spill and I found out the IS300 blew a power steering hose. Thankfully we were able to get back on the track to complete our first session. MSR cresson-03

This Jaguar was just cruising on the track top down. Not that Im saying its slow at all but you could tell the guy was just out there to have a good time. Its about the experience.

MSR cresson-04 Mini Cooper on Bridgestone RE-71R. I’ve seen a lot of people run RE71Rs on the track and autocross. They say its better then the RS3. I need to try those out. MSR cresson-13

The 2nd session went through without problems and I got in a friendly competition with the Mustang Shelby GT350R. These days you always see jokes and memes how bad mustangs handle. Even on YouTube, just a simple search and you can find videos of drift and burnout fails of mustangs. I got to hand it to Ford making a track oriented car. The GT350R could never pull away from me but I couldn’t pass it either. We were evenly matched and pushing each other to the limit. This was the hardest I pushed myself and the M3. The last couple laps my tires got too hot and grip fell off. I had to back off and let my tires cool but thankfully the checkered flag was waving. After the session we shook hands on a great race. Unfortunately, which seems to happen often, my memory card was full by my 2nd session and the epic battle wasn’t recorded.

MSR cresson-20 This was the GT350R I had a friendly battle with. Definitely sounds like a roaring V8, and the owner recently bought it! Still has the paper plates! For those of you that don’t know the Mustang 350R here is a little info:

After such an adrenaline filled session, on my last and 3rd session I just played it chill and didn’t go to hard on the M3. I was shifting early and using 3rd gear on 2nd gear corners. That session went on without incident and was great. The 350R did catch up to me but I let him pass, I know he probably wanted another duel but sometimes if you go over the limit that when bad things happen. After the 3rd session, the sun was setting and was just that perfect lighting to take a picture.Happiness eludes those who seek it. True happiness is the by product of the journey. #abrhouston #bmw #m3 #hankooktires #te37rt #tracknight #scca #natsukashigarage MSR cresson-12

Lady driven Porsche boxer was in our run group.

MSR cresson-18 MSR cresson-05

Lots of V8 today.

MSR cresson-08 Mustang Cobra is supercharged with pullies and tune. The car is mainly used for drag racing but the owner still had a good time at the track. MSR cresson-07

This truck was a complete custom build, tube chassis, modified frame and with a supercharged V8. Unfortunately it only did one session becuase trucks are not allowed on the circuit. Look good though, like the rat rod look.

MSR cresson-06 You get a good mix of cars in the run groups which makes things more interesting. MSR cresson-09

Four bangers were also out too.

MSR cresson-14 MSR cresson-15

I thought this S2000 was on Hankook TD but its was rolling on Ferderal tires… I wonder how they feel at the track.

MSR cresson-16 Big Wang. MSR cresson-17

Harrys Lap timer was working seemlessly and I managed to clock 01:31.53 seconds, which I have no idea if thats fast or not. But it felt good just being out there.

MSR cresson-19 Heat cycled Hankooks did a really great job. They only over heated once because I pushed too hard on my 2nd session and grip fell off. It handled the abuse in the 102 degree heat.


MSR Cresson consists of high speed long sweepers, late apexes with a few tight twisties (aka the rattle snake). The track isn’t terribly fast, but I managed to hit 100mph on the straights. With shorter straights and longer sweepers, the track isn’t harsh on the brakes compared to COTA or Harris Hill. You can with the amount of brake dust after my last sesson. What I really did like was how smooth the track was. The track is well kept and very close to gas stations, some even offering racing fuel. I’ll be back again. MSR cresson-23

MSR cresson-22

SCCA track night Harris Hill

Ever since my first track day at COTA, I’ve been going to track events once a month. But this will be my first time at an SCCA track night event, and I wish I knew about these events sooner. Its like HPDE except its a lot cheaper, with fewer sessions and you learn at your own pace without an instructor.

Track day 🏁 #m3 #bmw #herrishillsraceway #te37rt #hankook #natsukashigarage Harris Hill is about a 30 min drive from Austin, with elevation changes and long sweepers. My friend Jason, with his track oriented Miata was able to join in on the action. It was our first time at this track, so we joined the novice group. Thankfully there were only 7 cars in the novice class. Probably the Texas summer heat might be to blame for low number of cars but I wasn’t complaining. I hate to race in a crowed track. What a great way to end the day #miata #m3 #herrishillsraceway  #natsukashigarage

SCCA track night is $150 which includes three 20 min sessions. The novice class also gets paced laps before the beginning of the first session, and drivers meeting between sessions. Luckily SCCA does offer discounts and I was able to get $25 off. The people are pretty chill and its about having fun in your car. You get to experience what a track day in a chill atmosphere. You don’t get an instructor, but in the paced laps, the lead car shows you the preferred line. I still like HPDE becuase they offer instructors and more track sessions (5),  but the price sometimes is too much for some people. SCCA track night just makes it more affordable to the general public.


Unfortunately my lap timer was acting up and I wasn’t able to time myself but I still had a blast. My first impression was this track is slow but its decently fast. I was able to hit 110 mph on the straights with no brake fade! The stock M3 brakes are more than capable for track use. The only time I had brake fade was at COTA with stock brakes, Im pretty sure if I get track pads and higher boiling point brake fluid then it wouldn’t be an issue.  I can really feel the g forces in the long fast sweeper. Harris hill is mainly a 2nd to 4 gear track. The only thing I didn’t enjoy so much was how bumpy the track was. My suspension isn’t super stiff, but if you are not careful the bumps could upset your car and lose control. I didn’t run into any issues, but it was a rough ride that my helmet would occasionally hit the roof. During the drivers meeting, the SCCA track host gave us pointers around the track which did help avoid some of the bumps. By my third session, I was pushing the car harder and I really enjoyed the capabilities of the M3. I will be back again.

Learning Levels of Grip

Recently my last track day, the forecast called for thunderstorms. This was a good thing because I wanted to feel how summer tires fair in the wet when you are really pushing the limit. I was on worn out Nitto NT05, and on the dry they are great tires. This is actually my 2nd set and the cheapest 200 treadwear tire for my size. I would like to thank Alex from with the dope pics!


Unfortunately I didn’t have a tent for my tools and spare wheels so those got soaked. At least I didn’t need to use them. Out on the track its was a challenging to drive clean and being careful not to go off course.


What I learned racing in the wet:

1. Don’t go all out in your first run….. I noticed people at the track tend to go all out when its the beginning of the session. For me, thats not how I do it. How can you run if you can’t crawl, right? If you go balls to walls on the first run, you have a higher chance of spinning out or worse crashing becuase you are not familiar with the course or track surface. I like to go smooth and steady first and learn the course before I really push it. Slowly increasing speed and braking later with each run. You got all day, whats the rush.


2. Nitto NT05 work well in the rain even in when its worn out! I thought I was going to be all over the place but for the most part my car felt stable and grip was there. There is a long sweeper on the course and I was thinking the NT05 wont be able to turn in the wet but it gripped! I was even adding gas to the sweeper to see if it would understeer but I got oversteer, which isn’t a bad thing. I want oversteer instead of understeer becuase you can turn the car in better and can control it better (if you get it right). When the tires did loose grip, it was still predictable and progressive. The NT05 gave me confidence to push harder. I never had a sense that I was all over the place.



My tires my before track day

My tires after tack day. They wore out pretty fast even in the rain, but I was running nonstop with a couple of 15 mins rest sessions.

3. You can’t go as fast compared to the dry… Duh. I know it sounds dumb and common sense but to actually experience this is something that you really understand. The grip is very low in the wet and its something you have to account for. Your braking comes in sooner, than in the dry, and the pedal modulation is more sensitive to your input. I was learning to control the tires from spinning too much or sliding out of control. Hydroplaning is a big thing to watch out for and trust me when it was pouring, like cats and dogs, it felt like those tightrope walkers. One wrong move and its the end. You have to find that very small window of grip because too much or too little gas, brakes or steering can send you out of control. The faster you go, that small window of grip becomes even smaller. Yes is did go off course a couple of times but that is becuase of driver error and not the car. Here is video of me learning the course then losing it but luckily managed to stay on course.

4. A wider tract makes a difference! So last week before this event I went on to a autocross and I took off my spacers, because I was worried of rubbing. Well since it was raining I didn’t want to get wet removing my spacers, so I kept it on. I can tell the 15mm spacer made a significant difference. The 15mm spacer in the rear made the car feel more stable and planted than without the spacer. I was feeling this in the rain, what more when its dry!


Managed to get 0.8g in the wet! I honestly don’t know how accurate that is but I was using my iPhone for my car telemetry.

5. Its okay if your car gets dirty. Maybe I should pull up to Wekfest like this….


My fastest time I manage to get with a semi wet track:


My experience in drifting

First post of 2016 lol. Since my last post of the M3 I haven’t done much to it, except for engine bearing upgrade but more on the that on a later post. I’m here to talk about my racing adventures.

I have been out enjoying my M3 in what it was built for in the first place…. to take it to the track and have fun!

I have wanted to take M3 to the limit but in a safe controlled manner and not worry about going to jail. HPDE (High Performance Driving Education) is fun and you get to race in cool tracks but its too expensive to do frequently. More like Im able to to do that once or twice a year. Autocross is cool but they don’t allow sliding and it seems to be a more serious crowd focusing on times when you are mainly in 2nd gear. Why time yourself if you are (for the most part) in 2nd gear? I would do autocross to learn car control, I don’t really care for the fastest time. BUT autocross is way cheaper than HPDE. Then there is drifting…..

Drifting is the driving technique you not suppose to do when at the track. You are purposely upsetting the car balance to make it slide around the corner. Its the slowest way around the corner but most entertaining. Drift events are usually the same price as autocross, just more fun in my opinion.

I recently found out Houston has drift events once a month for a really good price. The first event I went to was TXDF and its $55 to drift or grip (the organizers are pretty chill) at a closed facility. Its usually all day thing and the crowd is a bunch or regular car people that want to get some seat time for cheap and car tuning. For $55 I can do that once a month! Its nowhere near as fast like COTA or MSR but still $55 versus $300-$500 every month.

TXDF is held at the Houston Police Academy track. I found out about TXDF though Facebook and it was the day of the event. They have drift events once a month so you will probably be seeing more of me there. I didn’t even bring tools or spares, I just drove the M3 and paid at the entrance. The drift course is a 2nd gear course so you can focus on gas and steering input.

Then I did Lone Star Drift Round 1, and that was more of a serious event than TXDF since its an actual completion. They do offer practice session which is the same course as the participants drift in. In the past events, they had another course for beginners but this time they didn’t have that. I actually did prepare for the event this time. I brought my tools and spare tires stuffed it in the back of the trunk.

The first corner entry is 3rd gear, and I did hit 70ish mph before braking. This proved difficult for me, because it was too hard shifting into 2nd while maintaining the slide. The S65 motor is the high revving V8; therefore, I didn’t have to shift into 3rd gear. I just focus on the gas and steering inputs. Master basics first before doing advanced stuff. The M3 felt strong and I only let the M3 rest once because I had to readjust the GoPro. By the end of the day I was connecting the corners.

I do love how the BMW M3 chassis is engineered for grip or drift. Depending on the drivers actions you can do both easily. I didn’t trailer my car, I just simply showed up and it ran like a champ! Pretty thankful because I’ve seen other cars that look like they spend way more money than I did and were having issues. The M3 is truly a car to take to the track and then the same day go do your groceries.



Lam Photography BTS (Behind the scene)


What all started out as a joke ended up becoming a legit photo shoot. When I got my GTI back from the shop I would joke to Lam to do a shoot of my car because the Miata shoot was soooo bad ass. I recently got my camber arms and dialed the stance on my GTI with the Work Kiwami. My car was looking really good and happy the way it turned out. I gave the GTI a full detail, and noticed she never really got a good proper shoot. I txted Lam that night about shooting for fun and decided to do the shoot that weekend. I never really thought it was going to be serious one till he told me the photo shoot would be for a possible magazine feature.


When I heard that, I was really excited and hope I can get the feature. I put a lot of hard work and dedication on this car and if someone can also appreciate it enough to be a feature I would be stoked. I literally didn’t drive my GTI for the rest of week until the last day before the shoot. Unfortunately when heading back home, Texas weather likes to play tricks and it rained hard. The wax on the car did a good job beading up the water but it seemed to collect in the rear trunk. Hatchbacks always have this problem.


The day of the photo shoot arrived and was going to do a quick wash of the car in the morning but I wanted to workout. I went ham on the worked out with my homie Marc but when I got home I was crashing hard on the pre workout. I was laid out, lying on the couch, just waiting for my friend Manny to come over since he wanted to chill at the shoot. On a side note, look for a upcoming feature of Manny’s bagged TSX on the blog soon!


As usual Im on Filipino time and the last one to arrive at the meeting spot. I just like to be fashionably late.  Then we all headed out to the secret photoshoot location. Sorry Lam doesn’t want to give out his locations on where he shoots.


My other friend Bun also came to do BTS for Modelsta Mag and his own photography business Invisible Rabbit Photography. Bun came prepared and brought all of his camera gear to shoot. I forgot to bring my camera so I used iPhone.





Lam is such a playa he even know models. Sally was cool enough to model for the shoot, without being nervous surrounded by guys.


Umbrellas are not just useful in the rain but also when using flash on your photography


Tony and Manny were mainly the human tripod, better flash angles.






It was a good day, chilling with your friends and just doing cool things. Even if I don’t get the magazine feature, Im still going to take the photos, make it into a collage and frame it, because memories.


Natsukashi Garage repping.

StanceNation Dallas

stancenation dallas-033
Been a while since I last posted here but busy with life and priorities. Fortunately I had time off and was lucky enough to be accepted at Stancenation. My roll in time was actually a day before the actual event, which meant I had to leave my car overnight. I didn’t really understand why, but my guess is it wont be soo chaotic if all the cars rolled in at once on the big day. 

stancenation dallas-004

I worked the night before and was hoping to leave work early but day shift came 30 minutes late and I still had to get clothes for the extra day staying in Dallas. I had no time to eat or wash my car. I just went to my crib, grabbed some clothes, and my camera. 




stancenation dallas-001


The meeting place was at Greenspoint Mall (AKA GUNSpoint mall) in northeast side of Houston. I rolled out with my buddy Donnie and Mayday Garage was having a Stancenation rollout to Dallas. By the time I got to the meeting point there was about 15 cars and everyone was getting ready leave. Just barely in the nick of time. I love to drive in packs, because it makes the drive less boring and makes long drives feel short. Mind you, I had zero sleep from night shift, and eating my Dunken Donut sandwich combo in the car. 

stancenation dallas-009


I was glad I got my GTI back from the shop because I was sure enjoying the cool blast of AC. If this was the Miata, I would be miserable because the forecast called for high temps and humidity with a chance of rain. Sucked for Donnie because his CRX has no ac.

stancenation dallas-003


At the very last stretch in Dallas it was like all the cars kinda went their separate ways and it seemed like I was leading, for a brief moment. But honestly I had no idea where the meeting point was at for lunch or knew where I was going. I just kept on the highway hoping to find another car to follow. Fortunately I did find a car from Houston and just followed them. Turned out, the meeting point was In and Out Burgers but Donnie and I ended up eating at Pluckers with some people from Southernfresh. I didn’t mind, since it had been a long timeI had pluckers and I was hungry and tired being a awake for 24hrs. 

stancenation dallas-005


After eating and getting my Pluckers fix, Donnie and I went to our hotel to check in. We got a great deal on our hotel but it was 20 minutes away from the venue. LOL. Thanks to Donnie’s girlfriend, she drove after work from Houston and headed to the venue so she can pick us up. 

stancenation dallas-010


I didn’t really had time to enjoy the hotel or sleep even because our roll in time was coming up and we didn’t want to be late, thinking we might get a crappy spot. Donnie is a member from team Squirrel Squad, and I ended up rollin with them too. Squirrel Squad is a team mainly based in San Antonio but Donnie was repping the Houston side. 

stancenation dallas-012


Upon checking in, everybody got free Meguiars quick wax spray and air fresheners. I do love free goodies. At this point I was delirious and just plain tired. The things I do for car shows seems impractical. Dedication. 

stancenation dallas-014


My car was very dirty, and I haven’t washed my car in over 2 weeks from the Houston rain. Luckily I did remember to bring towels and some quick detail spray, but I was hoping I could have gone to car wash and give my GTI a quick spray at least. Donnie came prepared and had his car detailed the day before the roll in. Fortunately Donnie brought this Meguiars car wash spray, which is actually called Meguiars ultimate wash and wax spray. This was my first time hearing about this product but its literally a life saver, especially at car shows. Basically if you don’t have time to wash your car, then you can use this spray with a clean rag to clean your car. No mess and no fuss. Made my dirty car looked like it came off of the paint shop just dripping wet. My car honestly got more bad looks then good ones, because I’m guessing I was too hella poke in the rears especially. Oh wells. 

stancenation dallas-013

stancenation dallas-015


After cleaning my car, I went around to take some shots of cars. Plus we were waiting on Donnie’s girlfriend to pick up. One of the best things about showing in a show is that you actually can take pics without people in the way and just take your time. You don’t have to stand in line for the doors to open or battle the crowds to wait for that one shot. Just the perks of being in a show. 

stancenation dallas-016


Cars were starting to roll in and people detailing their cars for big event tomorrow. Mayday Garage RX7s are definitely a show stopper. This is David’s RX7 with the Car Shop Glow LED taillights and I must say it really looks great in person. Just ridding next to this car while heading to Dallas felt like seeing something beautiful for the first time in your life. If there are any RX7 owners, these are a must have, and worth the price. Japanese built and Japanese quality. 

stancenation dallas-017

All lined up

stancenation dallas-019


Now this is Tom’s S2000 and always killing the S2000 game at every show. I remember seeing this car at the Wekfest Austin roll in back in 2012 with Work Misters, shaved and wired tucked engine bay, and unboosted. This time it boosted with super rare Mugen MF10 wheels and more details. Tom took the s2000 to Wekfest LA just to show the Texas scene. This s2000 is wearing the first Car Shop Glow S2000 LED tail lights even before being released to the market at the time of Stancenation. 

stancenation dallas-020


stancenation dallas-072


For those of you wondering what the LED look like in action. 


stancenation dallas-071


This car has gone a long way since Wekfest Austin 2012, which did win best S2000. Just to give you some perspective. 

stancenation dallas-021


One the things that is becoming popular is bags and air ride suspension. Air suspension have really gone a long way now in the car scene market. They are more reliable and the support is readily available on most cars. You have the convenience to be slammed, hard parked, raise it up for driving, and then go 4×4 when you go over bumps with a push of a button. I will eventually go bags but I still like riding static and slammed just because set it and quit it.

stancenation dallas-023 


stancenation dallas-033



stancenation dallas-018


Mazda 3 on rebarreled Work Emitz with overfenders. Wish I didn’t sell my Emitz and just rebuilt them. Maybe that was the Emitz I had…. or maybe this one……

stancenation dallas-027


Oooohh kill em with the copper bronze, deep dish

stancenation dallas-032


This Lexus has the AIMGAIN widebody body kit is one the VIP heavy hitters in Texas. I don’t think there was one part on the car that wasn’t touched with some type of VIP accents. 

stancenation dallas-029


On point fitment.

stancenation dallas-028 stancenation dallas-031


VIP everything. 

stancenation dallas-145


stancenation dallas-024


stancenation dallas-034


The Euro scene was also strong at Stancenation. I like the how VW can play the OEM plus style very well. I remember when I used to rock the Mercedes Alphards  on the GTI but then I went for more stance and poke. Sigh.

stancenation dallas-035

stancenation dallas-036


stancenation dallas-037


stancenation dallas-132


Leo’s creamy clean MK4 GTI. This guy also drives a 135i convertible with TE37s or BBS E50. Showing the euro scene from Houston. 

stancenation dallas-122


I heard this VW was static. The one thing about VWs, is either you are bagged and laid out, or static and laid out. Or on the other side of the spectrum, raised 4×4 status. 

stancenation dallas-095


S line. 


stancenation dallas-124


stancenation dallas-081


stancenation dallas-080


stancenation dallas-078


stancenation dallas-050


This Mercedes is owned by the guy the that drove a green custom bagged MK1 Rabbit at Wekfest Houston last year. That rabbit used a beer keg as a gas tank and I thought it was the air tank. Soo much custom work and attention to detail on that rabbit. The owner did all the custom work too all the way from Kansas. This year he sold that car for this Merc and Im sure next time I see this car it will probably be on bags, shaven doors, and more euro goodies


stancenation dallas-049


stancenation dallas-069


stancenation dallas-104


stancenation dallas-056


stancenation dallas-058


stancenation dallas-139


stancenation dallas-133


stancenation dallas-098


This M3 was sporting the Euro JDM look rocking the Work Equips.


stancenation dallas-099


stancenation dallas-096


stancenation dallas-127


The Miata gang. NA, NB, and NC. 


stancenation dallas-126


stancenation dallas-083


stancenation dallas-074


2JZ no shit. This will decimate all.

stancenation dallas-075


stancenation dallas-060


This was a clean and simple Lexus. Just wheels and a drop will completely change the look of a car. 

stancenation dallas-061


stancenation dallas-118


Much fitment on this TL with upsized BBS RS wheels. 

stancenation dallas-119


The TL, by the way, is a boosted V6… vtec


stancenation dallas-105


stancenation dallas-115


Team 16niss always having some the best cars out there. 

stancenation dallas-062


Team BRG also with killing it the crazy fitments.

stancenation dallas-065


stancenation dallas-064


stancenation dallas-112


Rat rod is always cool. Style and looks comes first and safety is the last priority.

stancenation dallas-111


A Takata tow strap for a touch of JDM


stancenation dallas-110


stancenation dallas-109

stancenation dallas-108


stancenation dallas-047


This Honda wagon from team status was clean and simple with a shaven and wire tucked engine bay. 

stancenation dallas-089


This wagon has extended top hats with wheel arches raised so the upper control arm wont smash into the body. Something you don’t notice unless you know something about honda suspension when slamming it. The reason why most people wont notice, is because this was done cleanly and not hacked at, just flows with the car. Its all in the details.

stancenation dallas-090


stancenation dallas-085


stancenation dallas-052


Seen this car at many shows, and has a LED stars in the engine bay. VIP.

stancenation dallas-054


stancenation dallas-053


stancenation dallas-055


stancenation dallas-043


Wrapped cars seem to be big this year too. Still want to keep your paint? Wrapping is another alternative. 

stancenation dallas-045


stancenation dallas-079


stancenation dallas-093


stancenation dallas-121


stancenation dallas-117


stancenation dallas-138


stancenation dallas-130


stancenation dallas-151


The new 86 rocking the louvers.

stancenation dallas-152


stancenation dallas-063


stancenation dallas-142


Pop that trunk with custom air setup and hardwood floors.

stancenation dallas-150


stancenation dallas-097


stancenation dallas-131


stancenation dallas-107


stancenation dallas-120


stancenation dallas-123


stancenation dallas-141


stancenation dallas-066


stancenation dallas-100 stancenation dallas-102


stancenation dallas-156


stancenation dallas-158


stancenation dallas-147


stancenation dallas-087


stancenation dallas-088


stancenation dallas-155


Emmanuel’s murdered out TL type S. Daily static too.

stancenation dallas-154


stancenation dallas-157


stancenation dallas-041


Mervyn’s recently bagged Genesis from team Prospekts. I think every single car in that team is bagged. 

stancenation dallas-040


stancenation dallas-136


Manny’s dope TSX, from team Apokalypse on aggressive Work LXZ, and a new updated Mugen front bumper. This car also has gone a long way since Wekfest Austin 2012. 

stancenation dallas-137


stancenation dallas-134


stancenation dallas-143



This is the first Stancenation show in Texas and I was glad show in it. I wish my camber arms came in time for the show, but getting in is an accomplishment considering how many cars applied to be in the show. A lot of quality builds and I hope they will have one next year, but this time in Houston or Austin. The 4.5 hr drive plus no rest was very tiring. As soon as I got to my hotel that night, I just passed out.