ae86 hatch update — super duper long awaited

Soooo… I think the last update I had on my hatch was almost a year ago. When I was pulling out the 16v and dropping in my 20v. The last post featuring the hatch was 8/6 day of last year, 8 months ago. Over the last 8 months this is, in short, the progress of the hatch:

-broke down
-20v didn’t run properly
-pulled motor
-stripped interior
-swapped levin front end from coupe to hatch
-fiberglass doors
-mounted shine auto trd style wing
-new sideskirts
-custom DIY purple plastidip
-f20c swap

I’ll pick up from where I left off from the story of the coupe:

As soon as I got the coupe up and running with the 20v, I began to focus on reviving the hatch. Which at the moment, had no front suspension and I mean NOTHING.

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long awaited update…

So, if you’ve been following me on Instagram, you might be caught up on my swap.  If you want to — follow me @thaisonnguyen.

I started this about a month ago and REALLY wanted to do a clean swap.  My inspiration?  The Car Peace ae86 from the Hellaflush meet in Japan late last year:

car peace ae86 engine bay

car peace ae86 engine bay

The first thing was to pull the motor — thanks a bunch to Joseph Dann for helping me so much with the swap.

joseph d, mounting the 16v

Soon enough we got it all removed and it was time to start removing everything and prepping the engine bay… Continue reading

So it begins

So it begins…my blacktop 4age swap into the 86.

Just last week I finally got my engine on the stand to really start converting it from fwd to a rwd configuration. This means rerouting the water lines, etc. I decided to go with the sq engineering kit based out of Australia. He makes some really high quality parts for the 20v 4ag swaps.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with what a 20v 4age is — to put it short, it’s the newer revision of the 86’s original motor. Higher compression, stock individual throttle bodies, 5 valves per cylinder (as opposed to e stock 4 valves per cylinder.

Here’s my workspace:


Tonight, I decided to start taking apart my harness. The motor and harness I picked up was being run in an aw11 mr2. So I need to rewire the harness to fit the ae86 chassis and also to mate up with the ae86 harness. Spent a couple hours on it and decided it was time to go to sleep. I’ve got a lottttttt of work ahead of me…